Dillie the Deer

  I was privileged to spend time with Dillie the Deer and her parents in their Ohio home as part of a magazine assignment about 10 months ago. This story of love started the day Dillie was abandoned, when her mother discovered she was blind. When the three-day-old blind fawn was brought into veterinarian Melanie Butera’s …

Airplane Window

My blogging virginity ends today. I hung back in the marathon blogging pack while others drafted the headwind. I’ve been observing, thinking and strategizing. I’m excited to share things I’ve learned and observed along my road less traveled.  Welcome to:  HINDSIGHT My blogging goals: To teach and share photographic insights, and back-stories of projects and …


Scott’s career had a jump start at Indiana University, Bloomington, where he won the College Photographer of the Year Hearst Competition. After working at the Louisville Courier-Journal for 7 years, he moved to Pittsburgh PA and began his private practice.

Scott has photographed feature stories for a wide variety of magazines including: The National Geographic, LIFE, TIME, Fortune, People, Sports Illustrated, Politico, Rolling Stone and US News & World Report. His work has taken him to the jungles of Costa Rica, the swamps of Jamaica, the slums of Haiti, caves, deserts, and several rides on Air Force One with the president. He has worked in 49 of the 50 US states and 19 foreign countries. His work has been exhibited in over 35 galleries and his photographs have appeared in over 50 photography books. Goldsmith has won over 100 awards for his work including Addy’s, Communication Arts, Golden Quills, Pictures of the Year and the National Academy of Sciences. He is currently featured in the 2017 Communication Arts Photography Annual.

Scott is dynamic, intuitive and committed to every project he is part of. As a thoughtful problem solver, chances are he will make you smile when the going gets tough. His two favorite phrases are “How do you know until you try” and  “Never assume anything”